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Tanker Vetting is an independent auditor group based in London, UK. We provide Audits, Surveys and other related expertise & services to the international marine market.

In our daily business, we work with Ship Owners, Technical Managers, Banks, Investors and other stakeholders in the marine industry from across the world.

Tanker Vetting
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We provide first class Solutions to our clients

Pre-Vetting Inspections

Our inspectors, almost all SIRE accredited are in an ideal position with key knowledge to identify the gaps and issues prior to ensure a successful SIRE

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Whether you are a Ship Owner, a Manager, a Bank or an Investor, we understand your need for an independent insight into an asset’s pre-purchase value & we assist you in the price discovery process.

Gap Analysis

Our range of analysis tools cover terminal, office, vessel, VDR analysis, navigation audits, internal audits, pre purchase delivery and surveys.